Tuesday Night Crits 2017


To be determined.


  1. 5:30-5:45 Juniors and Cat. 4, Women
  2. 6:00 – 6:25 Pro, 1, 2, 3, 4 Women
  3. Kids – any kind of bike (must pass safety inspection) – ½ lap
  4. 6:35 – 7:00 Cat. 5 Men
  5. 7:10 – 7:40 Cat. 3, 4 Men
  6. 7:50 – 8:30  Pro, 1, 2, 3, 4 Men


  • Cost: $15 for one race.  Each additional race will cost $5 each.
  • Race numbers are assigned for the series.  Lost or forgotten race numbers will be replaced for a cost of $5.00.
  • USA Cycling annual or one-day license required.  Only Cat 4 women and Cat 5 men may use a one-day license.  One-day-beginner licenses are for beginners and riders that have never held a USAC annual license with a category higher than category 5 men road, track or cyclo-cross or category 4 women road, track or cyclo-cross.
  • On-site race-day registration only.  On-line registration is not available.
  • Juniors – 17 and under – race for free.
  • Children race for free.
  • Completed and signed race waver must be provided before start of race.
  • Refunds given only if inclement weather forces cancellation of the race more than 20 minutes before the scheduled start.
  • Water and snacks provided by HDB.
  • Portable toilets available near the start line.


Take I-25 to Alameda exit. Go west on Alameda to San Mateo, turn right and head north to Balloon Fiesta Parkway, turn west, and then left into Gate 17, east parking lot. Proceed to the west side of the park.  Do not park behind Gardunos or Golf Shack.  The owners of Golf Shack will lock the gate, preventing access to your car from the park area.

NOTE:  If you ride your bike to the start area you must wear a helmet.  See Venue Rules below.


The Tuesday Night Criterium Series, sponsored by High Desert Bicycles (HDB), is held at Balloon Fiesta Park in Albuquerque, NM.

The 1.1 mile long course is located in the northwest corner of Balloon Fiesta Park. Like NASCAR its nothing but left turns.  Unlike NASCAR the course length or direction will be changed as safety concerns dictate.


  • Helmets must be worn at all times by anyone riding a bicycle while in Balloon Fiesta Park.  This includes competitors, children and spectators.  No exceptions.
  • No warm-up allowed on course during race.  Warm-up is allowed before the start of the first race or between races only when approved by race officials.
  • Be respectful. Please pickup all water bottles, gel packs or any other trash.
  • Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash.


  • Races vary from 20 to 50 minutes in length as determined by race category and available daylight.
  • Competitors are responsible for being at the start line and ready to race at the scheduled race time.
  • Lapped riders will be pulled at the discretion of the chief referee and must leave the course immediately.
  • Primes will be given for each race.
  • The top 3 finishers in each category will receive a prize.