How do I get access to the Ride Calendar?

The Ride Calendar is accessible for updates by HDB team members via a shared Google calendar.  Members must have a gmail.com account to update the Ride Calendar.

If you don’t have a gmail.com account one can be created by following the steps at https://gmail.com.

Once you have a gmail.com account, request access to the Ride Calendar by sending an email to hdbracingteam@gmail.com.  Include your name and gmail.com email address.  We will notify you once access is configured.

How do I add rides to the Ride Calendar?

To update the Ride Calendar: (1) log into your gmail account; (2) open your Google calendar; (3) once in the Google calendar you will see a calendar named HDB or other Team Rides displayed underneath Other Calendars.  Select the HDB or other Team Rides shared calendar and update the calendar with the ride name, date, time, location, and brief description.  For repeating rides select the repeating check box and complete the information as appropriate.

The calendar addition will appear immediately in the Ride Calendar.  If the ride occurs in the next three weeks it will also appear in Upcoming Rides.  Upcoming Rides summarizes the next three scheduled rides.  Allow one hour for the ride to update in Upcoming Rides.

Can I Schedule Rides Not Organized by HDB Racing Team?

Feel free to schedule any ride, HDB or other team/club rides, members may be interested in attending; we don’t want to be too partisan.