Daddy Needs A New Pair of Shoes: Lucky 7 CX Race Report

Lucky 7 CX Race:  The High Desert Bicycle Race Team needed a lot of luck, and even more helping hands and hard work, to pull off the Lucky 7 CX race held on December 2nd at Roosevelt School in Tijeras.  The original race venue of La Cueva High School was pulled about two-weeks before the race because of a scheduling conflict with the arts and crafts fair hosted annually by the La Cueva Band.

Nathan Masek marshaled a diverse group of volunteers including Jan Bear, Hawke Morgan, Par Orpinel along with HDB members to re-locate the race venue and complete USAC permitting in a frenetic two-week window.  The race was originally scheduled to host the New Mexico/West Texas regional championships.  However, due to the short time-frame USAC did not permit the race as a regional championship.

Gray scudding clouds, freezing temperatures and a few inches of white stuff made for a perfect CX race.  Course conditions changed throughout the day: starting out slimy, slick and slow but gradually getting faster as as the course dried and packed-in with each lap.

Thanks to all the HDB volunteers that made the race possible.  A special thanks to Jan Bear, Hawke Morgan, and Par Orpinel.  And Nathan Masek for wrangling all those cats.

Get Out and RIDE

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