Cleanup on North Footies Trail 341

NFootiesMaintenanceNorth Footies Trail Maintenance:  Saturday, November 4th, I met Elevate/Bikeworks Albuquerque to conduct maintenance on Trail 341 in the North Foothills.  The work, located approximately 1/4-mile east of the intersection of Trail 341 and Trail 230, focused on filling in rutted areas, reducing the slope of the trail and adding water-bars to minimize erosion during heavy rain events.  The crew also removed vegetation on a blind corner to reduce the chance of a head-on collision between up-hill and down-hill riders.nov_2018_trail_maint_2

On initial inspection you wouldn’t think much was done to the trail.  However, the crew of approximately 12 volunteers conducted three-hours of heavy-rock work and used five-gallon pails to haul what seemed like a truck load of dirt to repair the multi-use trail.


Conducting regular trail maintenance in the foothills is becoming increasingly important.  Figures from the Albuquerque Open Space Division show an increase in automobile traffic at Elena Gallegos of 25,000 vehicles between 2016 and 2017.  The figures only account for vehicle traffic, and under estimate the actual human load since each car may transport more than one person and visitations from people hiking or biking directly into the park are not counted.

Thanks to Elevate/Bikeworks Albuquerque for adopting Trail 341.  We also appreciate the folks at the Albuquerque Openspace Division for giving up many of their weekends to direct the trail work.

Crockett Howard

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