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HHH_Trail_2018Wee-Chi-Tah Hotter ‘N Hell MTB Results: North Central Texas is known more for it’s tire-blistering-summertime heat than mountain biking.  Nevertheless, the Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Race – held in Wichita Falls, TX as a part of the Hotter’ N Hell 100 ride festivities – turned out to be an entertaining event.

The Wee-Chi-Tah trail, voted the best urban mountain bike trail in Texas, would make a carpenter salivate.  And, there are no gnarly, bone-jaring jumps. I’d be walking if there were.  But the course, seemingly a pretzel twisted inside out, offers several long wooden plank bridges, including a suspension bridge, that make the course interesting.  A few seconds of inattention and you can quickly find yourself looking up at a bridge 10-feet above your prostrate body.Crockett_HHH_Trail_Podium

The biggest obstacle however wasn’t the course, but the weather.  I raced the 60+ Cat 2 event against three other competitors.  The 10:18 a.m. start temperature was 95 degrees.  Estimating a ride time of about two hours the temperature would be teasing the century mark at the finale.  The only solace; the course is hidden in the tree-lined bottom of the Wichita River.  At least I wouldn’t see much sun.

My shot at first place for the race was lost 30-seconds after we left the start at the Bridwell Agriculture Center.  I did a poor job of selecting a starting position and was instantly separated from the eventual 60+ winner, Tim Noble of Wichita Falls, Tx.  Tim crushed me by six-minutes.  I finished second, 49-minutes ahead of third-place finisher Stephen Tabler of Shreveport, La.  The fourth rider, Mark Wygant of Wylie, Tx, did not finish.

Fun Wichita Falls, Tx Heat Facts

  • Average First 90-Degree Temperature – April 9. The first 90-degree temperature this year occurred on March 31 (93).
  • Average Last 90-Degree Temperature – October 11
  • Average First 100-Degree Temperature – June 9
  • Average Last 100-Degree Temperature – September 4
  • Earliest 90-Degree Temperature – February 14, 1979 (92)
  • Latest 90-Degree Temperature – October 31, 1934 (92), 1938 (90), 1992 (91)
  • Latest 100-Degree Temperature – October 17, 1972 (102)
  • Earliest 100-Degree Temperature – March 27, 1971 (100)
  • Most Consecutive 100-Degree Days – 42 (June 23 – August 3, 1980). The temperature reached 117,

Seriously?  And you think Albuquerque gets hot?


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