Broom Wagon Notes 8/17/2018: Masek Podiums Twice in at Senior Olympics


20K TT Start

The weekend of July 21st and 2nd was good to  hardworking Nathan Masek as he hit the podium twice in the 2018 New Mexico Senior Olympic.  This year’s NMSO is a qualifying event for the 2019 national event, which will be held in  Albuquerque in June 2019.

Nathan was second on the podium in both the men’s 50-54 20K time trial and 40K road race.  Nathan said he “had an amazing race (20K TT) and felt exceptionally strong.”  He attributed the strong finish to a few changes in his riding position.


20K TT Finish

The 40K road race was tight at the end.  “I lost it in the last sprint.”  Nathan admittedly worked too hard during the race and some riders hiding in the pack disrupted the finish pushing Nathan to a second place finish.  “I actually had pulled a bit too much leading up to the end, my bad but I always fall for that stuff.”

Congratulations Nathan for a good race.  I guess we will be seeing you at Nationals in 2019.

Picture left: Road Race Podium:  Picture right TT Podium

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