Broom Wagon Notes: July 6, 2018

oakflats-2018.3a679cbaVOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The High Desert Bicycles Racing Team is one of the 2018 sponsors of the Oak Flats Mountain Bike Race scheduled for Sunday July 29.

Six volunteers are needed to host the feed-zone table at the event.  Volunteers will be handing-up hydration bottles to racers passing through the start-finish area.  Laps are approximately 5.25 miles long, with Cat 1 racers riding five laps, Cat 2 racers riding four laps and Cat 3 racers riding two laps.

The race organizer, Parmenides Orpinel, needs volunteers to work from 7am to 1:30pm.  HDB Team members have been sent a link to to volunteer for a spot.  This event counts toward required volunteer activities for team members.

Help support local racing by assisting with the event.  We will send out additional reminders as the event date approaches.

trail3TRAIL 341 REROUTE: On June 30th members of 505, Elevate and HDB bicycle teams in coordination with the Albuquerque Open Space Division rerouted approximately 1/8 mile of Trail 341 in the North Foothills.  The area rerouted starts north of the rock steps near the Pino bench and ends before the trail drops down into a small arroyo.  The rocky sections of the trail were not removed.  The old section of trail is scheduled for closure on July 7th.

Hopefully the hit-and-miss-monsoon showers will land on the new trail to help pack in in.



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