What the Heck? HDB Rider Hits Top Step on Podium at Gila


High Desert Bicycles rider John Heck had to fend off attacks in the final road race of the Gila but his efforts resulted in a first place GC finish in the men’s 35+ cat 4/5 race at the Tour of the Gila.

After three days of racing John was 3rd overall and was leading the men’s 35+ cat 4/5 race by two minutes ahead of the Gila Monster Road race on Sunday.  John had to fight brutal cross-winds in the time trial, but his third place finish in the TT was enough to put a time gap on the rest of the 35+ cat 4/5 competition; a buffer he would need to hold off the hard-charging field to win the GC.

HDB’s in-field reporter, Thomas Mattsson also raced the Gila.   Unfortunately, Thomas crashed during the first road stage, hitting the pavement on a descent in the Mimbres Valley.  Thomas was able to bandage an ugly case of road rash and continue the race.

Thomas got so caught up in his reporting he forgot to report on his final overall standings in the race.

Congratulations to John; and great work Thomas fighting through your crash.

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