Trail 365 Undergoing Upgrades

By Crockett Howard

Trail Team: Crockett Howard 3rd from left

Elevate PHW/Bikeworks ABQ Cycling, 505 Cycling Team  have started work to upgrade parts of Trail 365 in the North Foothills.


Thick maroon line marks Trail 365.

Trail 365, located on Forest Service land, is the lower trail running north from the Spain trail-head, crossing Simms Park Road and continuing to the water tanks, located near the Sandia Peak Tram.

The parts of the trail being upgraded are located north of Simms Park Road.  The upgrades will allow vegetation on the abandoned trail to recover, provide better drainage on the upgraded sections and have a better flow for mountain bike riders.

On February 24th I worked with 505 Cycling and Elevate PWH/Bikeworks on the new trail.  Rubbery arms and a stiff neck were the results of four hours of bludgeoning nolina microcarpa – AKA bear grass – with a pick ax to clear the new trail.  No good deed goes unpunished?  But the pain and suffering – maybe I should call one of those TV injury lawyers – resulted in a trail with better flow and a fresh look.

So, get out and ride the new sections of trail to help burn it in for use.






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