CX Season Nearing End: Late Season Update

P1000121The 2017 cycling season ends December 30th with the Hayes Apple Farm CX race in Bosque Farms.  The race will complete what has been a successful racing season for the High Desert Bicycle Racing Team.

With one race remaining the in New Mexico Cyclo-cross season HDB has the chance to put several riders in the top three of their categories for series standings.

Here are how HDB rider are faring with one race remaining in the NMCX series:

  • Women’s Cat 4/5 category
    • 2nd Place: Laura Fallen
    • 4th Place: Lauren Thompson
  • Women’s 40+
    • 2nd Julie Mccollough
  • Women’s 50+
    • 2nd Judi Mumm
    • 3rd Kara Crotta
  • Men’s 50+
    • 1st Nathan Masek
  • Men’s Single Speed
    • 2nd Doug Torres

Four Corners Regional Championship Results

The following riders hit the podium at the Four Corners Regional Championships in Aztec held on December 16th.


Nathan Masek, picture left, placed first in the Men’s 50+ category.

Kara Crotta placed second in the Women’s 50+ race.

Morgan Fortin placed third in the Women’s Open race.

Other HDB racers include Laura Fallen in the Women’s Cat 4/5 and Joe Fortin in the Men’s 50+.

Congratulations to all HDB riders.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone on the HDB Racing Team.  Get ready to ride as a new racing season is just around the corner starting with the El Paso Puzzler on January 14th followed by 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo starting on February 16th.

There is still time to register for The Puzzler.  24 HIOP registration has closed; usually filling up by the end of October.




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