Doggie Adoption and Nite Cross Wrap

Bad Santa CX Adoption Notice

Jeff Fleming confirmed his family adopted Marco, no not that Marco, Marco the Italian Greyhound during the Bad Santa CX race.  Congratulations Jeff.

Nite CX Results and Video

By the time race 4 got around to starting at 8:15 pm Saturday night circulation to the toes had ceased and frost-bite had settled in.  Still, HDB was well represented, particularly by the ladies, at Nite CX.  Here’s how our riders fared:

  • Women’s Cat 4: Lauren Thompson 1st; Laura Fallen 4th
  • Women’s 40+: Anita Roe 3rd; Julie McCollouth 4th
  • Women’s 50+: Cara Crotta 3rd; Judi Mumm 4th
  • Women’s Open: Morgan Fortin 5th
  • Men’s Single Speed: Doug Torres
  • Men’s 50+: Nathan Masek 2nd
  • Men’s 60+: Crockett Howard 6th (hey he wasn’t last but was lapped by Doug T.)

Get Out and Ride!


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