Broom Wagon Notes: 11:15:2017

Its called Broom Wagon Notes because we’ve gotten behind on our posts and are now trying to sweep all the updates accumulated over the last weeks and months into one big summary.

Bad Santa CX Wrap-up

Thanks to the High Desert Bicycles Racing Team club members that worked the Bad Santa CX held on November 5th, 2017 at North Domingo Baca Dam.  Without the team members hard work the race would not have been a success.

javilin_throwerA few changes were made for Version 2.0 of the BSCX; yep we’re leaving a hole a mile wide for your own interpretation of that acronym.  The race date was moved from late December to early November to allow us take advantage of warmer fall temperatures.  The plan paid off.  With a temperature near 70 degrees and turquoise blue skies race-day was more appropriate for the beach than CX.  The course certainly provided enough sand for a beach.  All we were missing was the water.

joe_julieThe 2017 course was modified slightly from 2016.  The BSCX course is the most spectator friendly course in the New Mexico Cyclocross Series; at least 90% of the course is visible to spectators.  By adding a few more twists and turns, a chute into the “beach” section of the course and a third climb out of the dam basin we were able to make the course more technically demanding while keeping it’s spectator friendly appeal.

diane_marcoNew Mexico Animal Friends was at the race promoting their no-kill animal shelter and seeking donations to support their mission. Within a few days after the race adoption papers were filled out for Marco, a the little Italian greyhound NMAF had brought to BSCX in hopes of finding him a home. HDB Racing team has donated $200 of the race proceeds to support NMAF.

Thanks to USA Cycling officials Eric Harstad, Deborah Kearney and Michael Castillio for either donating their time or reducing their fees to officiate the race.  Their generosity was important in allowing us to make a donation to NMAF.

We appreciate the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority for allowing us to race at Domingo Baca Dam.

Joanne Schmidt took nearly 500 photographs during the race.  She has graciously made the photographs available for viewing and free download at: .  Please thank Joanne for allowing us access the photographs.

New Mexico Cyclocross Series Standings

Four of eleven races have been completed in the New Mexico Cyclocross Series.  Here are the standings of HDB racers after race four:

  • Cat 4/5 Women:  1st Laura Fallen; 3rd Lauren Thompson; 5th Morgan Fortin
  • Men’s 50+: 4th Nathan Masek; 7th Joe Fortin
  • Women’s 40+: 2nd Julie Mccollough
  • Women’s 50+: 2nd Judi Mumm; 5th Virginia Williams; 9th Cara Krotta
  • Men’s Single Speed: 3rd Doug Torres

Here are two videos from the NMCX series:







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