HDB Women Top-notch at Tommyknocker 10-Hour

High Desert Bicycles women’s teams rode to first place finishes at Zia Rides Tommyknocker 10-hour mountain bike race in Silver City on February 25th.

Lauren Thompson’s and Mindy Caruso’s team Vicious and Dirty Delicious 2.0 hit the top step for the second consecutive year in the women’s duo 18+ category finishing with nine solid laps; one lap ahead of second place finisher Tutu 2.  Hopefully Version 3.0 will hit the trail next year and complete the trifecta.

tommyknocker_2017_female18Team HDB-otches (photo: left to right  Jaime Leeds, Anita Roe, Kelly Hinkle, and Sue Alschuler) finished 11 minutes ahead of the New Mexico Spokettes for a first place victory in the women’s team 18+ category.  Both teams finished with eight laps. This was the HDB women’s first foray into endurance mountain biking. Not much room for improvement when you place first.

Other HDB notables:  Marco Quintana and David Roe racing men’s solo; Matt Hoyt and teammates Sarah Councell and Dan Shorb Hot Cheetoes team racing coed 18+.

If I missed you I apologize.  Please let me know if you raced.

Come on man.  We what pics!  If you raced and have photos send them so we can post them!

What is a Tommyknocker:  The spirit of a dead miner that knocks on the ground as miners dig.  Loud thumps or rumbles from the Tommyknockers signal the area in which the miners are digging is unsafe.

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Two HDB Racers Collect 2016 NMCX Championship Jerseys

anita_barrierTwo High Desert Bicycles members rode to top of the podium in the 2016 NMCX series.  Anita Roe will collect the champion’s jersey in the women’s cat 4 category and Nathan Masek will don the champion’s jersey in the men’s 50+ category.

nate_croppedA party celebrating the champion’s accomplishments and another successful NMCX series will be held March 12, 2017 from 3 pm to 5 pm at SportsSystems in Albuquerque.

Thanks to the volunteers and participants that made for a successful series.

Special tanks to the series sponsors: Indian Motor Cycles of Albuquerque; New Mexico Bank and Trust; Albuquerque West Properties; and SportsSystems.

alburquerque-headdress-logo_fullcolor_bottomlock-2-copynewmexicobankandtrust-color-fdic24 x18 white




And we can’t overlook High Desert Bicycles and the HDB team members for making the Bad Santa CX a great finale to the 2016 CX season.  Bad Santa V2 is already in the works for 2017 so start planning your bad elf costume.

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Volunteers Needed March 11, 2017: New Trail Construction at Elena Gallegos Park

toolsSpring is almost here and that means it’s time to start digging.  No, not in the garden but on the trail.  505 Racing has received approval to build almost 1 mile of new trail at Elena Gallegos Park and volunteers are need for this big effort.

Last year’s 230 reroute was a huge success with more than 20 volunteers from various bicycle teams and clubs helping out. If you’re a hiker, a biker or trail runner lace up a pair of sturdy boots or shoes; stuff some work gloves in your back pocket; pack some snacks and water and join us on March 11, 2017.  Work starts at 8:30 a.m. with a safety meeting.  Arrive at least five minutes early.  All volunteers will be required to sign a waiver.  Tools will be provided.

Volunteers will meet at the Cottonwood Springs Trail parking lot; located north of the Elena Gallegos gate house.  Notify the gate-house attendant you are conducting trail work to avoid paying the park entry fee.

The new trail will tee off the east-west section of Trail 230 and run southward toward Trail 230-A.

Hopefully coffee and fat-pills will be provided as bribes. The Rebel Donuts were mouth watering delicious, if not fattening, last year.

To volunteer email Barry O’Melinn before 3:00 p.m. on March 10, 2017 at: BOMELINN@gmail.com.

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More Bad Santa CX Photos

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Bit of a delay – what do you expect from Bad Santa – but here are more photos, courtesy of Joanne Schmidt, from the Bad Santa CX held on December 18, 2016.

Should you see a photo you like Joanne has generously made copies available for free download via Flickr at:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/54737736@N00/albums

Happy New Year … now get out and ride … or stay in and ride the trainer … just ride.

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Bad Santa CX Wrap-up

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Getting the Bad Santa CX across the finish required navigating a few last minute barriers Mother Nature threw our way Saturday, the day we planned to complete marking the course. Plan A was to set stakes and tape the course Saturday so we only had to conduct minimal work Sunday morning.  But by the time we got the first sections of the course taped Saturday afternoon we quickly realized the high winds that accompanied an early morning storm were going to destroy our work.  The tape would not survive the night.

Although Sunday was forecast to start cold, lows in the upper teens, winds were forecast to drop to three to five miles per hour.  Much better than the 25-mile per hour winds we were fighting Saturday.  Thus we enacted Plan B, pretty much a seat-of-the-pants plan.  We decided to delay the race one-hour, moving the start time from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. since we needed extra time to finish marking the course. That meant rushing home and using all forms of media – email, social and carrier pigeon – to alert racers of the change.  We also had to alert all the HDB volunteers of the delay so they could adjust their work schedules accordingly.  Sleep was troubled at best Saturday night and Sunday morning hoping racers and volunteers would receive the schedule change.

At sun-up Sunday we conducted as assessment of damage inflicted by the high winds.  Long streamers of red course tape ripped from the stakes flopped in the light wind.  Even more was tangled in the chamisa.  About 50 percent of the tape we set Saturday required repair.  And about 70 percent of the course still needed to be taped and coned.  Crews loaded up with course tape, scissors and cones and were dispatched to complete marking the course.  Others began setting up tables, sun-shades and chairs needed for registration and scoring.

Thanks to the efficient work of HDB volunteers we were ready to take registrants by 8:30 a.m., 30-minutes ahead of schedule.  By 9:00 a.m. the course had been marked.  With the input of racers that had pre-ridden the course we made some adjustments and the course was race-worthy by 9:30 a.m.

The remainder of the day seemed to roll on like a well-oiled bicycle chain.  I reckoned if the folks at the registration table or the officials weren’t hurling expletives at me by the time the second race began then that meant I had provided adequate registration instructions and start lists.  Nothing hurled all day.

Considering the Bad Santa CX was held late in the race season and the weekend weather forecast was marginal we were pleased we had 65 riders signed up when early registration closed Friday December 16.  We were thrilled when an additional 30 riders were added to the rosters race-day; making a total of 95 riders for the event.  Thanks to the racers that supported the Bad Santa CX.

But more importantly thanks to all the HDB volunteers that assisted in making the race a success.  Most volunteers stayed well past their shifts, making this a well run and supported team effort and adding to a Rockin’ Christmas vibe.

HDB Results for Bad Santa CX:

Women’s Cat 4:  Anita Roe 2nd place; Laura Fallen 3rd place

Women’s 40+: Aubrey Kopczynski 1st place

Men’s 50+: Nathan Masek 2nd place; Jeff Fleming 3rd place

Other HDB riders: Doug Torres; Kenth Fallen; Crockett Howard (dead last Men’s Cat 4.  I got lapped by a 14-year old … probably twice!)

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Bad Santa CX Thank You to AMAFCA


The High Desert Bicycles Racing Team wants to thank the Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority for allowing us to host the Bad Santa Cyclo-cross race at their North Domingo Baca Dam facility on December 18, 2016.

In particular, thanks to Jeffrey Willis, AMAFCA Real Estate Manager, for working with me on reserving the facility.  Jeffrey was invaluable in guiding me through the process and was more patient than a person should be in answering all of my questions.

Also thanks to Nolan Bennett, AMAFCA Field Engineer and Jerry Lovato, AMAFCA Executive Engineer, for their assistance in working with High Desert Bicycles Racing Team to provide a great venue to the Albuquerque cyclo-cross community.

The varied terrain and spectator friendly environment of North Domingo Baca Dam is unique in the area and provides a special venue to help grow the sport of cyclo-cross in New Mexico.


Crockett Howard






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Broom Wagon Notes: Halloween 2016



Nite Cross:  Finally received a picture of HDB’s own Lucha Libre wrestler Nathan Masek.  His first place finish in the men’s 50+ was a great win particularly considering the mask restricted visibility and oxygen intake.



Sunnyslope CX ResultsResults from the Sunnyslope CX race held October 22nd were posted today.  Looks like there was a good showing of HDB racers on the podium: Nathan Masek placed 2nd in the men’s 50+; Lauren Thompson 1st place and Anita Roe 3rd place in the women’s Cat 4.  Other HDB participants were Andrew Black, Crockett Howard, Chad Leeds, Laura Fallen and John Wilger.

Andrew and Lauren toughed it out racing doubles and Laura completed her first CX race.


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