Sprint Finishes: October 11, 2016


Taming The Gila Monster: HDB Team members had a brush with fame at the 2016 Gila Monster Gran “Fondue” on Saturday October 8.  Dot, Sue and Anita ran into their new BFF Tyler Hamilton at the ride.  Yep, the real deal.  Good to see ex-pros supporting The Gila.



Thomas, Dot, Sue and Anita completed 70 miles and 6000 feet of climbing at the Gila Monster.  Steve Alschuler, not pictured, rode the 103 mile version of the ride.

Once available we will post results of the Gran Fondue.


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Sprint Finishes: October 9, 2016


Roosevelt Cyclocross:  Roosevelt Cyclocross, the first race in the 2016 NMCX series, was held Sunday October 2nd at Roosevelt School in Tijeras.   HDB Racing was well represented with twelve riders participating in the event hosted by Rob and Charlies Bike Shop.

Anita Roe pulled a double, racing in the Women’s Open and Women’s Cat 4 races.  After a riding to a 7th place finish in the Women’s Open Anita fought off three Spokette rivals and aching legs to take top spot in the Women’s Cat 4 race.

Other HDB participates in the Roosevelt event were:  Andrew Black,  Jeff Fleming, Joe Fortin, Morgan Fortin, Chad Leeds, Crockett Howard,  Jonah Thompson, Mark Thompson, Thaedra Thompson, and John Wilger.

See full race results at: 2016 Roosevelt CX Results

Upcoming NMCX events are:

  • October 9, 2016: Western Towns CX / Glorieta (Yep, I know … its today)
  • October 22, 2016: Sunnyslope CX / Albuquerque
  • October 29, 2016: Nite Cross at Veterans Memorial Park / Albuquerque

Get Out and RIDE!

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Broom Wagon Notes: October 1, 2016

broomLate Update from the Tour de Acoma: Gene Dougherty took 3rd in the men’s 100 mile race at the Tour de Acoma. Gene was in the first chase group, attempting to run-down the eventual first and second place finishers in the race.  After fighting off multiple attacks over the last 20 miles, and with help from the other riders in the chase group, Gene took the field sprint for third.  Lisa Dougherty said, ” I may have won (my race), but I guarantee that he fought harder for 3rd and finished over 10 minutes up on my group. For Gene to take home pottery racing in that field is a huge achievement!”  Congratulation Gene.  Thanks Lisa for providing the race report.

Forget to send us race results or story about a cycling experience. Send them in anyway and we will publish them in Broom Wagon Notes.

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Sprint Finishes: September 30, 2016


Sue, Val, Anita

Tour of Acoma: Congratulations to Lisa Dougherty for crushing the 100 mile route at the Tour de Acoma, held September 18, with a first place time of 4:23:59. In other Tour de Acoma news Sue Alschuler and Anita Roe teamed up on the 50 mile route and take 2nd and 3rd  places behind Val Valle of the Spokettes. Each received beautiful Acoma pottery for their efforts.  Other team notables were Natasha Kolb and Dorthy Alvarez placing  6th and 8th  respectively in the 50  mile ride.




Christina Sinkovec ripping on BMX course.



Laura & Jamie on the Crest




Rode all the way up to 10,000 feet and all we got was this beautiful view.


REMINDER:  CX Season starts this weekend with a skills clinic on October 1 and first series race on October 2.  Each will be held at Roosevelt School in Tijeras.  Visit http://nmcyclocross.com/ for more information.


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Sprint Finishes: Sept 28, 2016

12 Hours of Albuquerque: Congratulations to Jason Katz and T’Chad Leeds of Team Douchenozzle for hitting the steps in second place in the Men’s Open Duo at 12 Hours of Albuquerque.  The team rode 11 laps in 12-hours.

Barn Burner Flagstaff, AZ: Lauren Thompson fought through a crash, resulting in a case of trail rash, and hours of exposure to lung-clogging dust to finish the Barn Burner in Flagstaff, AZ.  Hopefully she has choked out all the moon dust from her lungs and is ready to hit the NMCX series.

New Mexico Cyclocross Series Opener October 2: Speaking of the NMCX series, the season opener is Sunday October 2nd at Roosevelt School in Tijeras.  Registration opens at 9 a.m. and first race is off at 10 a.m.  Click here for more race information.

According to the weather folks race day should be a perfect New Mexico fall day with a high in the low 80’s and clear blue skies.  So no excuse, at least weather wise, not to race.

REMEMBER: Send your race stories to hdbracingteam@gmail.com.  GET OUT AND RIDE!


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Sprint Finishes

HDB Team Party: Thank you Sue and Steve for allowing team members to occupy your home for the annual HDB Racing Team party.  Mother Nature cooperated and provided a perfect night for outside dining.


Sunday CX Ride: Nathan, Joe and Crockett met for an animated CX ride through the Bosque, north of the Alameda trail head, Sunday morning.  A few minor incidents marred an otherwise perfect ride.  Ask Nathan about his biff.  Ask Joe how he cut the sidewall of his tire when Nathan biffed; police call it tailgating.  And Joe -like George of the Jungle – make sure you “look out for that tree”.


Fat Pills and CX: Help Echelon racing celebrate the invention of the wheel by attending the Great Donut CX Race on Saturday September 17, 2016.  The race, held at the Sunnyslope CX course, starts at 11 am.  The cost of admission is one dozen standard-sized fat pills per rider.  I checked UCI and USA Cycling rules and have yet to determine the official dimensions of a standard-sized donut.  Organizers say the race is for “fun and glory”.  Could be a little grizzly too; depending upon each individuals physical effort to donut tolerance quotient.

A mini-CX-skills clinic, starting at 8:30 am, precedes the race.

Detailed race information is available on Echelon’s Facebook page.


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Double Eagle TT Correction for July 31

Team:  I fat fingered the start time for the Double Eagle TTs scheduled for July 31 on our Race Calendar

The correct start time is 8:30 am; not 4: 30 pm.  The schedule was corrected at 7:05 pm. The schedule will update in one hour with the correct time.

I apologize for the confusion.


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