Cleanup on North Footies Trail 341

NFootiesMaintenanceNorth Footies Trail Maintenance:  Saturday, November 4th, I met Elevate/Bikeworks Albuquerque to conduct maintenance on Trail 341 in the North Foothills.  The work, located approximately 1/4-mile east of the intersection of Trail 341 and Trail 230, focused on filling in rutted areas, reducing the slope of the trail and adding water-bars to minimize erosion during heavy rain events.  The crew also removed vegetation on a blind corner to reduce the chance of a head-on collision between up-hill and down-hill riders.nov_2018_trail_maint_2

On initial inspection you wouldn’t think much was done to the trail.  However, the crew of approximately 12 volunteers conducted three-hours of heavy-rock work and used five-gallon pails to haul what seemed like a truck load of dirt to repair the multi-use trail.


Conducting regular trail maintenance in the foothills is becoming increasingly important.  Figures from the Albuquerque Open Space Division show an increase in automobile traffic at Elena Gallegos of 25,000 vehicles between 2016 and 2017.  The figures only account for vehicle traffic, and under estimate the actual human load since each car may transport more than one person and visitations from people hiking or biking directly into the park are not counted.

Thanks to Elevate/Bikeworks Albuquerque for adopting Trail 341.  We also appreciate the folks at the Albuquerque Openspace Division for giving up many of their weekends to direct the trail work.

Crockett Howard

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Geoff Steffens Puts in Tough 10-Hour Word Day at Kona Ironman

Gsteffens (2)Ironman 2018:  Congratulations to Geoff Steffens for pushing through a tough 10 hour work-day at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI on October 13th.  Geoff raced in the men’s 50-54 age group, finishing in 10 hours 35 minutes: 73rd of 212 racers.  Some impressive bragging rights when you can claim being one of the top 75 best racers in the world in your class.

We are all wondering if we will see you pounding the pavement and pushing the pedals for another go in 2019.


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Geoff Steffens to Race Kona Ironman October 13th

Gsteffens (2)HDB’s Geoff Steffens will be in Kona, HI October 13th, not lazing on the beach with a colorful umbrella drink in his hand but swimming, riding and running in the men’s 50-54 Ironman 140.3 World Championships.  (Yep, if you read this earlier we said 70.3.  We had it way wrong and this one will be much more difficult for Geoff).  Geoff qualified for the race this past May with a second place finish in Santa Rosa, CA.

Well wishes to Geoff.  Remember to get in some beach time with a pretty umbrella drink after the race.  You deserve it after a year of hard training and racing.

Fun facts about the 2018 Kona Ironman:

  • This is the 40th anniversary of the Kona Ironman;
  • This will be the largest athlete field ever, with approximately 2,500 registered athletes;
  • 43 is the average participant age;
  • Six athletes will celebrate their birthday on race-day;
  • The United States is the most represented nation, with over 640 registered participants.




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Broom Wagon Notes: August 28, 2018 / Linda Garcia Podiums in NMSO 40K Road Race


More Senior Olympics Results:  Congratulations to HDB’s Linda Garcia for placing second in the Women’s 70-74 40K road race at the 2018 New Mexico Senior Olympics.  Linda’s podium snagged her a ticket to the 2019 National Senior Olympics to be held here in Albuquerque.

Be Like Linda.  Get Out and Ride!

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HDB Members Get Fit Cheap! / Wee-Chi-Tah/Hotter ‘N Hell MTB Results

HDB Members Get Discounts on Off-Season Training:  High Desert Team members are eligible for 20% off Winter Fitness or Core Strength classes with the coupon code “HDB20“.  Both classes are six-weeks long.   For more details on locations and times contact or go to



HHH_Trail_2018Wee-Chi-Tah Hotter ‘N Hell MTB Results: North Central Texas is known more for it’s tire-blistering-summertime heat than mountain biking.  Nevertheless, the Wee-Chi-Tah Mountain Bike Race – held in Wichita Falls, TX as a part of the Hotter’ N Hell 100 ride festivities – turned out to be an entertaining event.

The Wee-Chi-Tah trail, voted the best urban mountain bike trail in Texas, would make a carpenter salivate.  And, there are no gnarly, bone-jaring jumps. I’d be walking if there were.  But the course, seemingly a pretzel twisted inside out, offers several long wooden plank bridges, including a suspension bridge, that make the course interesting.  A few seconds of inattention and you can quickly find yourself looking up at a bridge 10-feet above your prostrate body.Crockett_HHH_Trail_Podium

The biggest obstacle however wasn’t the course, but the weather.  I raced the 60+ Cat 2 event against three other competitors.  The 10:18 a.m. start temperature was 95 degrees.  Estimating a ride time of about two hours the temperature would be teasing the century mark at the finale.  The only solace; the course is hidden in the tree-lined bottom of the Wichita River.  At least I wouldn’t see much sun.

My shot at first place for the race was lost 30-seconds after we left the start at the Bridwell Agriculture Center.  I did a poor job of selecting a starting position and was instantly separated from the eventual 60+ winner, Tim Noble of Wichita Falls, Tx.  Tim crushed me by six-minutes.  I finished second, 49-minutes ahead of third-place finisher Stephen Tabler of Shreveport, La.  The fourth rider, Mark Wygant of Wylie, Tx, did not finish.

Fun Wichita Falls, Tx Heat Facts

  • Average First 90-Degree Temperature – April 9. The first 90-degree temperature this year occurred on March 31 (93).
  • Average Last 90-Degree Temperature – October 11
  • Average First 100-Degree Temperature – June 9
  • Average Last 100-Degree Temperature – September 4
  • Earliest 90-Degree Temperature – February 14, 1979 (92)
  • Latest 90-Degree Temperature – October 31, 1934 (92), 1938 (90), 1992 (91)
  • Latest 100-Degree Temperature – October 17, 1972 (102)
  • Earliest 100-Degree Temperature – March 27, 1971 (100)
  • Most Consecutive 100-Degree Days – 42 (June 23 – August 3, 1980). The temperature reached 117,

Seriously?  And you think Albuquerque gets hot?


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Broom Wagon Notes 8/17/2018: Masek Podiums Twice in at Senior Olympics


20K TT Start

The weekend of July 21st and 2nd was good to  hardworking Nathan Masek as he hit the podium twice in the 2018 New Mexico Senior Olympic.  This year’s NMSO is a qualifying event for the 2019 national event, which will be held in  Albuquerque in June 2019.

Nathan was second on the podium in both the men’s 50-54 20K time trial and 40K road race.  Nathan said he “had an amazing race (20K TT) and felt exceptionally strong.”  He attributed the strong finish to a few changes in his riding position.


20K TT Finish

The 40K road race was tight at the end.  “I lost it in the last sprint.”  Nathan admittedly worked too hard during the race and some riders hiding in the pack disrupted the finish pushing Nathan to a second place finish.  “I actually had pulled a bit too much leading up to the end, my bad but I always fall for that stuff.”

Congratulations Nathan for a good race.  I guess we will be seeing you at Nationals in 2019.

Picture left: Road Race Podium:  Picture right TT Podium

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Broom Wagon Notes: July 6, 2018

oakflats-2018.3a679cbaVOLUNTEERS NEEDED: The High Desert Bicycles Racing Team is one of the 2018 sponsors of the Oak Flats Mountain Bike Race scheduled for Sunday July 29.

Six volunteers are needed to host the feed-zone table at the event.  Volunteers will be handing-up hydration bottles to racers passing through the start-finish area.  Laps are approximately 5.25 miles long, with Cat 1 racers riding five laps, Cat 2 racers riding four laps and Cat 3 racers riding two laps.

The race organizer, Parmenides Orpinel, needs volunteers to work from 7am to 1:30pm.  HDB Team members have been sent a link to to volunteer for a spot.  This event counts toward required volunteer activities for team members.

Help support local racing by assisting with the event.  We will send out additional reminders as the event date approaches.

trail3TRAIL 341 REROUTE: On June 30th members of 505, Elevate and HDB bicycle teams in coordination with the Albuquerque Open Space Division rerouted approximately 1/8 mile of Trail 341 in the North Foothills.  The area rerouted starts north of the rock steps near the Pino bench and ends before the trail drops down into a small arroyo.  The rocky sections of the trail were not removed.  The old section of trail is scheduled for closure on July 7th.

Hopefully the hit-and-miss-monsoon showers will land on the new trail to help pack in in.



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